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5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe During Your Kitchen Remodeling Project September 12, 2019

Greenburgh, Westchester
5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe During Your Kitchen Remodeling Project, Greenburgh, New York

If you have indoor pets that roam your home freely, consider them while planning a kitchen remodeling project and take steps to ensure their safety. With proper planning, you can have the kitchen of your dreams without stressing or harming your pets. The following tips will assure that they stay healthy and happy.

5 Pet Safety Tips While Remodeling Your Kitchen

1. Communicate About Your Pets

Keep the remodeling company abreast of details regarding your pets. Communicate where they’ll be and where they’re allowed to go. That will enable the company to alert you if they notice anything amiss. If you don't tell them about your pets, they won't know what to look out for during the project.

2. Create a Safe Space for Pets

For indoor pets, cordon off a section of the home away from the kitchen remodeling work area. Closing doors and using temporary gates can help keep the work area inaccessible to your pets.

3. Beware of Dangerous ItemsKitchen remodeling

Be especially wary of items that can harm your pets such as electrical wires, machinery, chemicals, and small, sharp objects like nails. Pets, especially when stressed, may act out of character and chew through wires or swallow foreign objects.

4. Consider Air Pollution

Some types of pets, like birds, are especially susceptible to air pollution. If the kitchen remodeling project includes painting or other fume-producing work, make sure they’re far away and their space is well ventilated.

5. Think About Boarding

Sometimes it's easier for the pets to stay away from the home while the remodeling work is being done. Boarding your pets is one option. Another option is to allow them to stay with family or friends until your new kitchen is complete.


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