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3 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing October 11, 2019

Charlotte, Rochester
3 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing, Rochester, New York

With proper care and maintenance, residential windows can last for decades. At some point, though, they’re going to need replacing. Since waiting too long can have various negative consequences, from threatening your home’s security to increasing energy consumption, it’s wise to do so sooner rather than later. Here are some of the earliest signs that it’s time to replace the windows. 

When to Replace Your Home’s Windows 

1. Condensation Buildup

When condensation accumulates between the panes of glass, it’s a sign that the window’s seals have finally failed. Unfortunately, if you don’t replace the panes and seals at the first sign of unwelcome moisture, it will only lead to a bigger headache down the road as the leak expands. It will also yield higher utility costs for as long as the seals are defective. 

2. Reduced Functionality 

windowsWindows that are constantly foggy, drafty, or jammed aren’t doing their job. If you don’t get to enjoy cool breezes or watch breathtaking sunsets because your windows aren’t functioning as they should, they may be in need of replacing. This is especially true when the windows are at least 30 years old. If you’ve been living in an older home, upgrading the windows will improve your quality of life immensely because there have been so many advancements in glass technology (not to mention shades and blinds) in recent years.  

3. Poor Soundproofing 

Are you tired of hearing the constant stream of traffic that passes by your home or the neighbor’s kids playing outside? Older windows aren't equipped to block such sounds, especially if their seals have started deteriorating. If you install energy-efficient windows with double-paned glass, though, you can enjoy both a quieter home and lower utility bills. 



If you need replacement windows for a property in Rochester, NY, turn to Alumaroll Awning & Window Co., Inc. A locally owned and operated company, they've been in business since 1946. In the decades since, they've established a reputation for providing unparalleled customer service and installing products built to last. To learn more about window replacement, visit their website or call (585) 544-2110. 

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