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Why Am I Struggling With Chewing? September 16, 2019

Canton, Stark
Why Am I Struggling With Chewing? , Canton, Ohio

Whether you are experiencing pain when you chew or are finding it challenging to manage the mechanical process of eating, the problem could stem from a dental issue. Fortunately, by understanding what causes chewing issues and working with your dentist, you can alleviate the symptoms. Read on to learn more about chewing problems.

Understanding Chewing Problems

What Causes Problems with Chewing?

Issues with chewing result from complications with the teeth, gums, jaw, or muscles of the face. Dental decay makes chewing painful because it allows food and liquids to access the nerves within the tooth. Problems with the gum tissue, such as inflammation, tumors, or nerve damage, also contribute to chewing pain or difficulty masticating food. 

Poorly fitting dental work, such as dentistdentures, also contribute to chewing difficulties, since prosthetics can slide out of place. Certain medications, such as antihistamines and varieties of chemotherapy, reduce salivary flow, making it harder for you to chew and digest food.

How Can Dentists Help?

Fortunately, dentists will carefully evaluate the health of your teeth and gums to identify issues that make it harder to chew. In addition to spotting and resolving problems like cavities, missing teeth, or poorly fitting prosthetics, dentists review your medical history to see if medication could be contributing. If your chewing issues stem from missing teeth, dentists will fit you for dental implants or bridges, allowing you to chew effectively.


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