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How Is Wonton Soup Made? September 23, 2019

Penfield, Monroe
How Is Wonton Soup Made?, Penfield, New York

For fans of Chinese food, wonton soup is a popular appetizer that can be shared among friends. With a delectable, pork-filled dumpling and a broth featuring soy sauce and other delightful flavors, this soup is a favorite across the globe. If you’ve ever enjoyed a bowl, you may be curious about how it’s made. Discover the preparation process below.

A Guide to Wonton Soup Preparation

How Are the Wontons Prepared?

First, chefs at Chinese food restaurants prepare the wonton’s fillings. Typically, fillings consist of lean, chopped pork, along with fresh vegetables and seasonings. Salt, chives, cloves, and grated fresh ginger are some of the most common ingredients. The blend may also incorporate garlic cloves, sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar. Before cooking, the mixture gets blended together and placed into wonton wrappers.

Chinese foodChefs use a special technique to place the fillings inside wrappers and achieve the iconic wonton shape. This method consists of placing the filling in one corner of the wrapper, rolling it, then pinching the ends to create a filled wonton in the shape of a hat.  

How Is the Broth Made?

Next, the soup is prepared by adding additional ingredients to form the broth and boiling everything together in the same pot. Most Chinese food restaurants use a combination of ginger, soy sauce, and chicken broth to achieve the delicious soup flavor. After the soup is brought to a boil, it may continue to simmer for a period of time to ensure the flavors fully blend together. In some restaurants, the soup may be garnished with green onions.



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