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5 Popular Flowers & Their Meanings October 14, 2019

North Haven, New Haven County
5 Popular Flowers & Their Meanings, North Haven, Connecticut

Flowers of any variety make a beautiful gift that your recipient will love. However, certain varieties of blooms suit specific occasions better than others, as each popular flower has its own unique meaning. Below, discover some of the most common blooms found in bouquets across the United States, and what they mean.

5 Common Flowers and Their Symbolic Significance

1. Lily

With broad petals that open dramatically from large, oval bulbs, lilies represent purity and beauty. Fiery orange lilies indicate passion, while the lily of the valley represents the purity of the heart. The uniquely-shaped calla lily is popular in wedding bouquets, as it represents beauty and purity.

2. Iris

If your recipient is a graceful and wise individual, gift them with irises. Characterized by their showy blooms, these bouquets represent wisdom and eloquence. Blue irises send a message of hope, while yellow signifies passion.

3. Rose

flowersRoses have many meanings and are one of the most popular flowers featured in bouquets. Many people know that the red rose is an emblem of love. However, few realize that pink represents happiness, and white indicates worthiness. Historically, yellow roses have been associated with joy and delight. 

4. Carnation

While often perceived as a simple bloom, the carnation’s history is rich and complex. In general, carnations signify love. Red carnations typically represent admiration for an individual. Pink and white carnations symbolize the love of a woman or mother, and they are commonly given to honor moms on Mother’s Day.

5. Daffodil

If you’re looking for a way to start over with someone, use daffodils to signify a new beginning. This message is especially fitting since they tend to bloom in early spring. These cheery flowers also represent joy and happiness when given in a bunch.


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