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Why Your Business Should Use a Commercial Laundry Service November 4, 2019

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Why Your Business Should Use a Commercial Laundry Service, Rochester, New York

Opening a small business is a big endeavor. It demands your time, money, and attention, all of which may be in short supply. However, you can streamline operations. For example, one of the easiest ways to eliminate headaches and increase your productivity is by using a commercial laundry service for all your washing, drying, and folding needs. Below are a few reasons investing in this service benefits your business.

3 Benefits of Using a Commercial Laundry Service

1. Save Money 

Although commercial laundry services come with an ongoing fee, outsourcing this aspect of operations could end up saving you money in both the short and long term. You won't have to purchase machines to handle washing in-house, for example, nor will you have to maintain them. You’ll also save on water and electric usage, not to mention detergent. 

2. Improve Productivity 

laundry serviceYour employees have other tasks to complete that may be cut short when they wash and fold laundry. Using a commercial laundry service will free up your workers and allow them to perform other tasks, thereby increasing overall productivity. And when the laundry comes back clean and dry, they simply have to put it away before going about their business. 

3. Maintain Standards 

Commercial facilities have to meet certain standards when it comes to washing their laundry to ensure hygiene. When you turn to a laundry service, you can have peace of mind knowing your items are being washed according to local law. Such standards regulate everything from water temperature to appropriate detergents. 



If you want to sign up for commercial laundry services, get in touch with Bright Bubble Laundromat. Based in Rochester, NY, this local business provides exceptional and affordable linen services to companies throughout Monroe County. You can also take all your household laundry to them for washing, fluffing, and folding. To request a quote for their commercial laundry services, call (585) 978-7503 or visit their website to browse their offerings. 

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