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Why You Need an Electrical Inspection When Buying a Home September 12, 2019

Marietta, Cobb
Why You Need an Electrical Inspection When Buying a Home, Marietta, Georgia

The breathtaking kitchen, large backyard, and overall curb appeal. It’s only natural to be swept away by the appeal of a new house. Unfortunately, there could be issues lurking within the walls that can come back to haunt you. Just as professionals are needed to ensure the structure is sound and free of termites and other issues, it’s essential to arrange a professional electrical inspection. The following guide explains the importance of having an electrician conduct a thorough review.

Why an Electrical Inspection Is a Must Before Closing

The main reason this step is needed is to ensure the home’s electrical system is safe and in good working condition. Old or faulty wiring can cause dangerous fires and physical injuries. When an electrician conducts an inspection, they check for potential hazards so that the necessary repairs can be made. These specialists also verify that electrical work is up to the National Electric Code, the industry standard for electrical work. 

What Homebuyers Can Expect

electricianThe electrician will provide a full checklist of all items inspected and which ones are in need of repair. This report gives homebuyers leverage when asking the seller to make the repairs as a condition of closing the deal. If the seller is not willing to rectify the issues, the potential buyer can either walk away or decide to make the repairs at their own expense.

What the Electrician Inspects

A complete inspection typically includes checking all of the home’s outlets, switches, and fuse boxes. Electricians use specialty equipment such as multimeters to measure voltage and circuit breaker amps. Their inspections also include examining wiring for signs of fraying, cracking, and other signs of damage. In older homes, breaker panels are thoroughly reviewed to determine if they’re defective. Another key checklist item is the presence of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These devices help to halt current flow to minimize electric shock in water-prevalent areas such as bathrooms. 


J. R. Electrical LLC in Marietta, GA, is the locally owned firm potential homebuyers turn to for expert inspections. Serving all of Metro Atlanta and Cobb, Fulton, and DeKalb counties, the licensed and experienced electricians get the job done right the first time. You can always count on fast responses and notifications before any service changes occur. Schedule your inspection today by calling (770) 420-1530 or learn more about the company online

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