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3 Modern Bathroom Remodeling Tips September 11, 2019

Nunda, Livingston
3 Modern Bathroom Remodeling Tips , Nunda, New York

No matter how well you decorate your home, your bathroom can give away its age. Outdated fixtures, cracked countertops, and even faded colors date a home and make it feel older. For a fresh, contemporary look, use these tips during your bathroom remodeling.

Home Renovation Ideas for a Modern Bathroom

1. Upgrade Fixtures

Even a simple change like replacing your faucets and knobs can subtly improve the style of your bathroom. You can work your way up to bigger fixture improvements, such as adding a floor-to-ceiling mirror that will make the space look larger, or switching out a plain mirror for one with a decorative frame. Your sink, tub, and toilet also provide opportunities for upgrades with newer models in simple, modern shapes.

2. Select Bold Colors

bathroom remodelingWhile you can still find all-white or white and gray bathrooms in modern homes, many homeowners are using their bathroom remodeling projects to add vibrant colors to the room. Bright red and white can create a relaxing, spa-like look when you use them for your walls, backsplash, or flooring. Small touches of warmer reds and yellows in your tile add energy and fun, or if you’re feeling bold, paint an entire accent wall in a warm and sunny tone. 

3. Install a Floating Vanity

Most traditional vanities and cupboards rest on the floor of the bathroom. Switching this out for a floating model with clear space underneath creates a more sophisticated look. You'll also have space underneath to store other items, such as a scale, a laundry basket, or a rug. A floating vanity can even help you avoid water damage to your cabinets from a wet floor.



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