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Why Do Athletes Remove Their Body Hair? September 18, 2019

Oak Lawn, Northeast Dallas
Why Do Athletes Remove Their Body Hair?, Northeast Dallas, Texas

You may have noticed that a lot of athletes have very particular grooming habits, especially when it comes to hair removal. Runners and cyclists keep their legs shaved, while swimmers will shave their entire body. It’s not because it’s trendy, though; there are scientifically-backed reasons why athletes do this. From comfort to performance, here’s a look at some of the explanations as to why athletes remove their body hair and how they keep it off. 

Why Is Hair Removal Popular With Athletes?


Though it may be hard to believe that something as light as hair can affect performance, it actually makes a difference. Studies have shown that shaving reduces an athlete’s energy output, making them ultimately faster than those who don’t shave. 


Hair RemovalComfort is a big part of keeping your head in the game. During physical activity, your body temperature increases, and hair only makes it worse. Additionally, longer hair can easily get caught in sports gear or equipment, causing unnecessary pain and discomfort. 


Hair removal isn’t all about practicality; there are some athletes that do it purely to look their best on television. Some athletes want to show off their muscled legs or overall physique that they worked hard to earn. Plus, it just looks cleaner. 

How They Keep It Off

If you’re wondering how athletes maintain that smooth appearance, it isn’t just by shaving. Though shaving works for temporary smoothness, the hair comes back quickly and can lead to unsightly razor bumps.

Waxing is a popular option to give a smooth, bump-free look, but the hair comes back quickly, too. It can also lead to painful ingrown hairs. The best option for athletes looking to remove hair and keep it off permanently is electrolysis. This process disrupts hair growth in follicles using shortwave radio frequencies. 


Whether you’re an athlete or simply tired of dealing with unwanted hairs, the electrolysis experts at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Dallas, TX, can help. With the latest technology, they have the tools and experience to change your shaving habits for good. Visit their website to learn more about their hair removal services or call them today to schedule a free consultation at (682) 593-1442.

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