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An Introduction to the Conch Fritter October 3, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
An Introduction to the Conch Fritter, Manhattan, New York

The conch fritter is a traditional and well-loved recipe in Caribbean food. When you head to a seafood restaurant that serves Bahamian food, you’ll likely see these fritters on the menu. Know what they are so you can decide whether you want to try them and discover for yourself why they’re so popular.

Caribbean Food Guide to Conch Fritters

What They Are

Fritters are small bits of queen conch meat fried in a savory batter and seasoned. Conch is a high-protein shellfish—a type of sea snail—that is mild in flavor with a slightly sweet taste. Many people find it similar in texture to calamari, but without a strong fish taste.

The meat is tucked away inside a large, thick conch shell. It’s difficult to get out and there is not much meat inside. The fritter was designed in Caribbean food as a way to make the most of that meat, doing so by adding in batter and vegetables. Because the meat is tough, it also cooks best when cooked in small pieces, so the fritter became an effective way to prepare the meat.

How They’re Prepared

caribbean foodThe conch meat is cut into tiny bite-size pieces. It is mixed into a batter made of flour, egg, milk, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, and garlic. Vegetables are also ground up and mixed into the batter. Popular options include celery, green bell pepper, and onion. The conch is rolled in the batter until it is thoroughly covered, then fried inside of hot oil. The excess oil is removed, and the fritter is ready to eat, dipped in a sauce of choice.



When you’re ready to try this savory snack as an appetizer or with your happy hour drink, head to Lolo’s Seafood Shack in Harlem, Manhattan. This restaurant brings the finest in Caribbean food to the heart of New York City. You can dine in for a night out or pick up your order to enjoy at home. See their menu online and call (646) 649-3356 to place an order or make reservations. 

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