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Top 4 FAQ You Have About Waxing September 11, 2019

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Top 4 FAQ You Have About Waxing, Penfield, New York

Waxing is a hair removal procedure. It uses a special, hot liquid that adheres to body hair and removes it quickly. If you’ve never been waxed before, you may have many questions about it. To help you prepare for your upcoming appointment, here are answers to a few of the common ones.

4 FAQ Regarding Waxing

What areas can be waxed?

Virtually any part of your body. A specialist will use different wax consistencies and strips depending on the area. The bikini line, chin, upper lip, eyebrows, legs, and underarms are the most popular areas for waxing for women. For men, the chest and back are common. If it’s your first time, a small section of your skin may be waxed first to check for allergic reactions.

How much discomfort should I expect?

waxingThe sensation of being waxed is similar to having a Band-Aid removed. The wax will be pleasantly warm on your skin, and the technician will press a strip of material over it to hold the hairs and wax together. Any discomfort you experience will be brief. Your spa will also have soothing lotions to apply afterward.

Are there special aftercare instructions I should follow?

Your chosen location may provide skin care instructions to prevent redness, irritation, bumps, and sensitivity. In general, you should avoid applying heavy makeup or thick lotions to the area, being in direct sunlight, swimming or soaking in hot water, and exfoliating for at least 48 hours after your appointment. To minimize the chances of ingrown hairs, exfoliate once a week between your waxing appointments so hair can push through instead of being trapped under the skin.

What are the benefits of waxing?

Waxing removes hair from the roots, so it takes longer to grow back than with shaving. When done regularly, your hair may also be thinner and less noticeable when it does grow back. This is an affordable solution that’ll keep you hairless for a month rather than a few days, and it’s a fast process that requires little effort from you.


Ready to experience the results of waxing? Larijames Salon & Spa in Webster, NY, has been helping clients embrace their beauty since 1982. They use low-temp wax for minimal irritation and moisturize the area afterward for your comfort. They also offer manicures, treatments for wrinkle reduction, and haircuts. View their wax services and rates online, or call (585) 671-5140 to book your appointment today.

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