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5 Tips for Protecting the Septic System in a Restaurant September 11, 2019

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5 Tips for Protecting the Septic System in a Restaurant, Irondequoit, New York

When your restaurant runs on a septic system, maintenance is critical to keep it functioning well. There are a few basic guidelines to follow to avoid clogs, backups, and other trouble that could disrupt your business or create discomfort for your diners. To help you care for your unit, here are a few tips to remember. 

How to Protect Your Septic System

1. Train Staff on Best Practices

Make sure all employees are practicing good water habits. Conserving this essential liquid will help reduce pumping needs. They should also know to scrape leftover food into the trash before washing dishes so that chunks and debris don’t enter the septic system. This will help avoid clogs. You can also install a strainer over the drain so that particles and solid foods won’t enter the pipes.

2. Add Signs in Restrooms

Controlling what goes into the septic tank will prolong the life of your system. Make sure both staff and patrons are only flushing toilet paper. Items like sanitary napkins, tampons, wipes, and diapers cause clogs. Place signs in all restrooms and provide garbage bins in the stalls so people know what to do. 

3. Avoid Parking Over the Tank

septic systemCars and machinery should never be driven or parked over your septic system. Keeping heavy weights away will protect the tank and piping from compression and damage. Establish parking spots a safe distance from your underground unit, and if any work is being done on the property, ask contractors not to place equipment over the area.

4. Keep Landscaping in Shape

Stay on top of your landscaping. Trim trees and shrubs, and avoid planting greenery around your tank. Deep roots can invade pipes in search of nutrients and water, which will cause backups, clogs, and even leaks. Planting grass over the area won’t cause damage.

5. Perform Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your septic unit working is to have annual inspections. Technicians will check over each component and inspect for any problems. In addition to maintenance, it is also wise to have your grease trap cleaned out. This area is where fats and food particles will accumulate. If it is full, debris will drain into your septic system and cause blockages.


For all of Rochester, NY, Tri County Systems is the top choice when you need septic system maintenance and repair. Their professional team handles everything from septic inspections to drain field care so your property’s plumbing runs smoothly. They serve both residential and commercial clients. Learn more about what they do online or call (585) 467-2550 to schedule an appointment. 

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