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The Victors Gym has been the premier private gymnastics facility in Greece, NY. As a USA Gymnastics Member Club, they offer safe, supportive, and fun classes for boys and girls ages 2 years and up.

5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be More Active October 7, 2019

Greece, Monroe
5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Be More Active, Greece, New York

While some children are involved in athletic activities like gymnastics, soccer, or martial arts, an increasing number of kids spend the majority of their free time in front of screens. This sedentary lifestyle has been partially linked to the spike in childhood obesity in recent years. However, by following a few tips, you can begin the process of adding physical activity to your child’s life.

Top 5 Tips to Raise an Active Kid

1. Start Small

As a parent, it’s important to remember to keep the physical activities fun, especially when first introducing them into your child’s routine. For instance, don’t start your kid on an intense running program on the first day. Instead, slowly but surely build up the activity level in your household.

2. Add Physical Activities to Everyday Life

gymnasticsThe easiest way to make sure your child is active on a daily basis is to work it into a routine. If their school is close by and they are old enough, consider letting your child walk to school. For short errands, think about walking or riding bikes with your child. Alternatively, you can schedule activity time every day. For example, encourage your child to play outside for a certain amount of time before they come in to start their homework.

3. Find a Physical Activity Your Child Likes

Even the most sedentary of children can find a physical activity they enjoy. Consider signing up your child for recreational gymnastics, swim classes, or even drumming. For younger kids, play groups or playground visits are steps in the right direction.

4. Consider a Competitive Sport

As your child becomes more active, they may become interested in competitive sports. While team sports like soccer and basketball are popular, also consider competitive athletic activities like tennis, skiing, wrestling, and gymnastics, which offer alternate paths for your child’s personal growth.

5. Set a Good Example

Children look to their parents as role models. If you live an active lifestyle, your child will notice. Conversely, if you spend most of your spare time watching television or browsing social media, it’ll be more difficult to convince your child that they should cut down. Have fun while being active, and your child will want to follow in your footsteps.



If you’re looking for gymnastics classes for your kids, consider The Victors Gymnastics in Rochester, NY. This family-owned and -operated gym aims to inspire kids and help them grow into healthy teens and adults. Since 1999, they’ve been offering safe and fun gymnastics classes to kids throughout the Rochester area. They’re also a USA Gymnastics® Member Club. Visit their website to learn more about their programs, and call (585) 663-4810 to schedule an introductory class.

Download the Victors app free on Android® and Apple®! You can sign up for classes, get reminders and exclusive deals, make a payment or watch videos. Download it here:

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