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Should Teen Drivers Go on Their Parents’ Auto Insurance Policy? September 10, 2019

Dumas, Moore
Should Teen Drivers Go on Their Parents’ Auto Insurance Policy?, Dumas, Texas

Once your teenager earns their driver’s license, you’ll need to sort out their auto insurance coverage before they can get behind the wheel. Just like with adult drivers, teen motorists must carry minimum liability coverage to legally operate a vehicle in Texas. If you’re a parent of a newly licensed driver, you likely wonder if it’s better to put your child on your policy or to have them create their own. Since each option offers unique benefits, here is a brief comparison of car insurance strategies for teens.

What Are the Benefits of Including Teen Drivers on Your Car Insurance Policy?

Easy to Obtain

Due to their inexperience and high-risk profile, many new drivers will have difficulty finding an insurance company that will provide them with a reasonable, affordable policy. Parents, however, can generally add their children to an existing policy without much hassle.

Greater Affordability 

When you add a young driver to your policy, you can expect your rates to increase. However, these premiums will still be much lower than what your teen would have to pay on their own. Many providers also offer opportunities for discounts—such as those for good performance in school and good driving records.

Better Liability Coverage

As the parent of the minor, you may still be held liable for certain expenses that result from accidents your child was responsible for. For instance, you may have to pay out-of-pocket for excessive property damage, medical bills, or vehicle repairs. However, if you include your child on a policy that offers comprehensive and collision coverage, you can greatly reduce your overall liability.

What Are the Benefits of Having Teen Drivers Insure Themselves?

Teaches Responsibility

auto insurancePaying for their own auto insurance can teach teen drivers a lot of responsibility—especially if they have to work to afford their policy. They might also adopt safer driving practices as a way to minimize the risk of accidents and resulting premium increases.

Builds Credit

Making auto insurance payments can help teenagers build their credit score, allowing them more financial flexibility in the future. For many, this strategy is more appealing than taking out a high-interest credit card to improve credit.

Lowers Future Rates

The longer you have an auto insurance policy and do not experience incidents, the better driving history you’ll develop. As a result, teenagers who pay for their own insurance and drive responsibly can gradually improve their record so that they will be able to afford lower premiums in the future.


Getting auto insurance for your teen should ease your stress as a parent—not create additional issues. That’s why Stidham Insurance Agency is committed to simplifying the process as much as possible. Providing personal and commercial insurance policies in Dumas, TX, this experienced agency will maximize your young driver’s coverage while introducing you to superior saving solutions. To learn more about their line of exceptional products, visit this provider online. For a custom quote, call (806) 935-6888 to speak with a friendly insurance agent.

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