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Why Your Flower Beds Need Stone Borders September 19, 2019

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Why Your Flower Beds Need Stone Borders, Asheboro, North Carolina

If your landscape design contains flower beds, it should also include edging, which will create clean lines between the soil and the lawn (or any adjacent pathways). The materials you use for edging are only limited by your creativity, but some of the most popular choices include wood, aluminum, and plastic. A narrow trench that's not filled with anything can also serve as edging. However, the best material to line your flowerbeds is stone. Here are some of the biggest reasons why. 

3 Reasons to Place Stone Borders Around Your Flower Beds

1. They’re Cohesive

If there’s any other masonry on the property, stone edging will complement it. You can install a border that matches the existing stonework perfectly, for example, or opt for something that provides a playful contrast. Either way, the stones will ensure a sense of cohesion between the flower beds and the rest of the landscaping.  

2. They’re Functional 

landscape designUnlike other kinds of landscape design edging, stone borders can extend both below and above the soil. When installed this way, they contain everything from the roots to the mulch, which helps the flowers thrive all season long. And since the stones will contain any fertilizer or chemicals applied to the flower beds, as well, the border will also protect your lawn—and make mowing the edges without damaging any delicate buds considerably easier. 

3. They’re Versatile 

Whether your landscape design is rustic and natural or sleek and modern, you can find stones that will capture it perfectly. From mismatched rocks of varied sizes to uniform pavers with curlicued edges, there’s no shortage of selection when it comes to stone edging. 


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