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Choosing Between Asphalt & Metal Roofing September 19, 2019

Makiki - Lower Punchbowl - Tantalus, Honolulu
Choosing Between Asphalt & Metal Roofing, Honolulu, Hawaii

Two of the most common types of roofing materials are asphalt shingles and metal. Both offer unique advantages and are appealing to the eye. If you aren’t certain which choice is right for your residential roofing project, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

How Asphalt & Metal Roofing Differ

1. Expense

Asphalt shingles are popular because they’re economical. They’re also fairly quick for roofing contractors to install, so you’ll also save on labor costs. Metal roofing is more costly per square foot by comparison. Depending on the size of a home, this figure could add up quickly.

2. Installation

asphalt shinglesAlthough it’s easier for contractors to install asphalt shingles, they must first remove the existing roofing system to accommodate the shingles’ weight. Then, they install the underlayment before placing the shingles on top. Since metal is a lighter material, contractors can install it over another roof, if necessary. A layer of plywood is added first to prevent noise.

3. Appearance

Shingles have a classic, enduring appearance that flatters most properties, and they’re available in a wide range of colors to complement different architectural and siding styles. Three-tab shingles are a common installation, but homeowners who prefer something more eye-catching may opt for architectural shingles. Metal, on the other hand, offers a contemporary look thanks to its metallic hue and sleek finish. It’s typically installed in panels but is also available in tile format.

4. Durability

With regular care, the average asphalt roof has the potential to last up to 25 years, while metal can last up to 70. Both products are warrantied, and tackling necessary roof repairs promptly can significantly extend their life span. In particular, metal performs well under duress; it withstands strong winds and won’t develop mold or mildew. Properly installed shingles hold up well against sun and rain exposure but should be properly maintained to prevent damage.


Homeowners throughout Oahu trust the professionals at Kimoto Roofing in Honolulu, HI, to provide high-quality products and reliable service year-round. Whether you’re thinking of installing an asphalt shingle or metal roof, they’ll assist you with selecting an appropriate style for the home. This locally owned company also offers roof repairs, replacements, and maintenance to ensure it stays in excellent condition. View their services online, or call (808) 203-4216 to request a free estimate.

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