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4 Signs You Should Work With a New Dental Lab October 1, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
4 Signs You Should Work With a New Dental Lab, Ewa, Hawaii

If you have a dental practice, you want to work with a team that helps you provide quick, high-quality care to your patients. Unfortunately, not all dental labs deliver the services and support that you need. The following are some indications that you may have to start working with a new lab.

When Should You Look for a New Dental Lab?

1. Late or Forgotten Orders

Maybe your dental lab used to be timely and attentive, but they’ve started taking longer to deliver your orders, or they’ve been getting lost altogether. There may be an explanation — they could be overwhelmed with orders, for example, or they might be going through significant internal changes — but it still means that you and your patients are kept waiting more than you should. If the issue isn’t resolved soon, you’ll want to look elsewhere for these services.

2. Poor Communication

dental labDelayed or lost orders are made worse when the lab doesn’t even communicate the issue or let you know when to expect your products. If your main point of contact is gone or no longer reliable and the customer service team is unresponsive, you may have no way of checking up on your orders, asking questions, or filing complaints. 

3. Drops in Quality

Whether they’re using out-of-date equipment and techniques or have stopped giving their products the detailed attention and careful craftsmanship to which you’re accustomed, they’re not valuing your business or the experience of your patients. Lesser quality products reflect poorly on your office as well. 

4. Exorbitant Prices

Despite the decline in quality, the dental lab may be overcharging you for their services. Even if the quality is good, it may not command such high prices. If you compare their rates to those of other labs and find that you’re not being charged fairly, it may be time to find a lab that will deliver the quality you expect at a price that seems fair.

For a dental lab that provides excellent and timely services for your office and patients, contact Aloha Dental Laboratory in Aiea, HI. Whether you need custom dentures, dental implants, crowns, tools for teeth whitening, or equipment for cosmetic or dental dentistry, they offer exemplary craftsmanship and customer service at affordable rates. Find out the full scope of their services by calling (808) 947-2877 or checking out their website.

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