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4 Questions to Ask a Counselor Before Your First Appointment September 23, 2019

Lexington, Davidson
4 Questions to Ask a Counselor Before Your First Appointment, Lexington, North Carolina

Regular counseling appointments can help you understand your mental health and live a better life, no matter your reason for seeing a therapist. However, you want to make sure you and your counselor are a good fit and on the same page regarding your success. By asking the following basic questions, you’ll have a better idea of how the two of you will work together. 

What Should You Ask a Counselor Before Your First Session?

1. What Is Their Experience With Your Condition?

When you see a therapist, you want to make sure they have experience treating individuals with your specific condition. For example, if you have anxiety, ask the counselor how often they see patients for help in this area. By seeing a counselor who specializes in your condition or who works with similar patients, you’ll have peace of mind since they know what treatments and approaches are effective and up to date.

2. What Is Their Approach to Treatment?

mental healthNot every counselor will approach your therapy sessions in the same way. For example, some may be more directive in their counseling, while others will guide you to your own conclusions. Consider which approach is best for your personality. If the counselor doesn’t line up with your preferred style, you might consider researching alternative mental health professionals or asking for a referral. 

3. What Can You Expect From a Typical Session?

In addition to asking about their overall counseling style, learn what you can expect during a standard appointment. They might start each session by asking you questions or giving you the opportunity to speak freely about the past week. Some counselors may use hands-on activities during the appointment. Be sure to ask clarifying questions and assess whether you’re comfortable with their session approach.

4. How Will They Track Your Progress?

Since you’re seeking a mental health counselor in order to move forward, it’s important to know how your therapist will track this progress. Ask them what goals they anticipate you reaching and how they measure patient success. If you wish to be involved in this process, ask what your role will be in how success is measured. If you and your counselor are on the same page with your goals, they might be a good fit for your mental health journey.


If you’re looking for a trusted mental health counselor, contact the team at Daymark Recovery Services. Located in Lexington, NC, and additional locations, these professionals serve patients across 28 counties. Their counselors treat each patient as an individual, offering a variety of medical and behavioral health services. Whether you’re living with depression or anxiety or seeking treatment for a substance use disorder, their team will recommend the most appropriate treatment course for you. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (336) 242-2450 today.

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