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Are You a Nurse? Here's How to Tell If You're Burnt-Out October 1, 2019

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Are You a Nurse? Here's How to Tell If You're Burnt-Out , Suffern, New York

Having a nursing job can be both rewarding and noble, but when you spend so much time thinking about other people’s needs, it’s easy to forget about your own. It’s common and understandable to burn out. Still, if you begin feeling a lack of energy, there’s no reason to give up on your passion. Here’s how to tell if you’re burnt-out and what you can do to revive yourself. 

How to Tell If You’re Burnt-Out 

If you start feeling like your nursing job is hopeless or pointless, can’t get enough sleep, or feel fatigued and overwhelmed even after getting more than enough rest, you’re likely burnt-out. Also, if activities that you once loved no longer capture your attention or bring you the same joy, or if you’re experiencing mood swings or anxiety, your job may be getting to you.

These issues may manifest in physical symptoms, including headaches, stomach pain, and gaining or losing an unhealthy amount of weight. Burnout can also make you angry or easily annoyed with your patients. As a result of these symptoms, your ability to perform your job properly may diminish. 

How to Fix the Problem

nursing jobTo resolve burnout, prioritize your needs. If you feel overwhelmed or depressed, ask for help. For example, a co-worker from the nursing staff agency can help you with a patient, including offering advice and allowing you to take time off. Also, set aside time for your friends, family, doctor appointments, and special treats, including massages, spa days, or bubble baths. 

Most importantly, learn to accept that you can’t perform every task perfectly. Be realistic about your goals and expectations, avoiding perfectionism. Consciously choose to take pride in what you do accomplish. Doing this may seem difficult at first, but it will get far easier with the help of meditation, professional therapy, or a support group.

Finally, establish a daily routine. Every day, ensure that you have time for your own physical and emotional needs, as well as your personal interests and relationships outside of work. 

Although nursing jobs can be demanding, they’re always rewarding for those who are motivated to help others. If you’re looking for a new role, contact J&D Ultracare. Serving the Bronx and Hudson Valley, NY, our non-profit home health care agency will provide you with the benefits of a thriving nursing career. You will feel proud of where you work. Learn more about our job opportunities by calling (845) 357-4500 or messaging us online.