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How to Socialize Your Dog September 11, 2019

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How to Socialize Your Dog, Royse City, Texas

Socializing your dog helps them learn how to interact with others as well as prevents aggressive behaviors. A well-socialized dog will play well with all types of people and dogs. It’s best to address social concerns in puppies between three and 12 weeks of age, but you can always socialize an older dog as well with some extra care. Follow the tips below to build a social calendar for success while out and at doggy day care.

How to Successfully Socialize Your Pup

1. Introduce Them to Others 

Introduce your dog to as many different types of people and dogs. This includes adults, children, people in wheelchairs, men with beards, or people wearing sunglasses and hats. Always allow them to approach the new person at their own speed and don’t overwhelm them with too much at once. For example, children can easily overwhelm a puppy, so start with a child who understands they should sit there and let the puppy come to them. Do the same with dogs of different breeds, sizes, and ages.

2. Use Positive Reinforcement

doggy day careKeep treats with you whenever you go out or have someone over. Give those treats to new people to give to your dog when they meet. Reward your dog when they approach the dog park or meet a new animal. This automatically starts them off with a positive association, and they’ll see new people and dogs as something good.

3. Sign Them Up for Doggy Day Care

Doggy day care is an easy way for pups to get in face time with other dogs. They’ll meet all types of animals in a safe and supervised environment. They’ll have time to play, learning how to best interact with other dogs. If you have a puppy who has not yet finished their vaccinations, look for only vaccinated dogs or other puppies to socialize with.


JD Kennels Camp David for Dogs makes socialization easy for pups of all ages in Royse City, TX. This doggy day care center and pet resort, nestled on ten acres of rural land, has been voted “The Best Kennel” by D Magazine. Their state-of-the-art facility has two swimming pools, play periods with other dogs, and a dedicated staff. For those who commute to Dallas, a convenient pet chauffeur service is available. Learn more online and call (972) 636-9494 to make your reservation.

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