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5 Reasons to Back Up Your Office 365 Data September 10, 2019

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5 Reasons to Back Up Your Office 365 Data, Concord, Ohio

Office 365 has been revolutionary for offices around the world because it gives employees access to their files from anywhere and makes it easier than ever for team members to collaborate. While centralizing your core programs offers some incredible benefits, it leaves your data vulnerable to malware, mistakes, and confusion. Backing up your data with VEEAM, an industry leader in IT solutions and information protection, will give you the tools to recover quickly and straightforwardly.

5 Reasons to Back Up Your Office 365 Data

1. Undo Accidental Deletion

IT solutionsIf a manager or IT team member accidentally deletes a user, that change will populate throughout the entire network. Having a data back up on hand lets you easily restore the employee, including their files, data, and emails.

2. Comply with Retention 

Businesses in a variety of fields are required to hold on to employment records, customer files, and other important documents. If a virus deletes your records, a data back up can prevent expensive penalties and potential legal issues down the line.

3. Shield Against Security Threat

Malware and viruses are on the rise, and cybercriminals increasingly target smaller businesses. Data back ups are essential parts of your IT solutions packages. The back ups allow you to quickly recover if your network is destroyed or locked by ransomware.

4. Transition Seamlessly 

The transition from an on-site program to Office 365 can consume your time and may frustrate you, but a back up can make the process simple. VEEAM’s IT solutions will automatically pull data from your system and upload it, which provides a seamless experience. You won’t sacrifice security.

5. Access to Individual Documents

Even the best team member can accidentally delete a critical file, or make changes that you can’t easily undo. With VEEAM’s state-of-the-art Office 365 back up solutions, you can effortlessly search for and access files, providing another layer of security against mistakes and accidents.


As one of the Greater Cleveland area’s most trusted IT solutions providers, Concord Technology Group offers proven solutions from some of the industry’s best companies. Their packages can be customized, which gives you access to expert IT services without the cost of an in-house team. Visit their website for more on their data back up packages, get more tech tips on Twitter, or call (440) 210-3200 to discuss your needs with a member of their team.

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