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5 Habits That Hurt Your Transmission   September 18, 2019

North Madison, Lake
5 Habits That Hurt Your Transmission   , North Madison, Ohio

Although transmissions are built to withstand even the most grueling driving conditions, they’ll eventually fail without proper maintenance and use. Bad habits are hard to break and may result in costly repairs. Learn how to do away with them by following this advice.

What Ruins Transmissions?

1.  Running Low on Fluids

Transmission fluid lubricates moving parts and absorbs heat. When it runs out or falls below the minimum required level, internal components grind into each other. If your transmission overheats, it will eventually fail. Keep your fluid levels in check and ensure that you’re using the right type of fluid in your transmission. Different fluids have varying lubricating and cooling properties.

2. Neglecting Routine Maintenance

TransmissionsAll mechanical systems, including your transmission, require preventive maintenance. Taking your vehicle for regular servicing prevents minor performance issues from worsening. Schedule a transmission change or flush periodically to remove dirty, degraded transmission fluid and to service faulty gaskets or seals.

3. Shifting Without Stopping

How you drive also affects your transmission’s life span. Before shifting into drive or reversing, your vehicle should be at a full stop, especially if you have an automatic transmission. The teeth inside the gears tend to grind together whenever you force them to change while in motion, causing damage over time. If you downshift to brake, stop abruptly, and accelerate like a jackrabbit, your transmission will deteriorate faster than usual.   

4. Towing Beyond Capacity

If your car isn’t built for towing, refrain from testing its limits with heavy hauling. Check the manual for towing capacity should you need to transport any significant loads. Towing limits prevent bands and clutches from slipping and wearing out. Rather than risk this damage, follow restrictions to avoid costly transmission repairs.

5. Disregarding Signs of Trouble

Transmission troubles don’t happen overnight. Telltale signs that your transmission is in distress include slippery gears, rough shifts, leaks, strange sounds, and burnt smells. If you’re unable to pinpoint the source of these symptoms, bring your vehicle to a transmission specialist for diagnosis and repair.


Avoid poor driving habits that can damage your transmission, and turn to a trusted auto repair shop like Madison Muffler and Auto Inc. when your transmission needs attention. Located in Madison, OH, they provide preventive maintenance services, including oil changes, tuneups, and brake repairs, to motorists throughout the area. Call (440) 428-2677 to schedule service, or visit them online. To learn about weekly specials, text (440) 399-7577