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4 Reasons to Use Fresh Flowers in Your Home September 20, 2019

Honolulu, Oahu
4 Reasons to Use Fresh Flowers in Your Home, ,

Fresh flowers aren’t just for weddings and anniversaries – they can be used every day to brighten any room in your house. Here are a few reasons to use fresh flowers in the home.

Why You Should Use Fresh Flowers in Your Home

1. Add Natural Decor

Bring an element of nature into the home by arranging a few of your favorite flowers in a vase. Opt for blooms with hues that contrast the room’s paint for a bright, eye-catching pop of color.

2. Make Guests Feel Welcome

flowersIf you’re hosting guests, arrange fresh blooms in a vase, and put them in the entryway so that friends and family are greeted with beautiful flowers when they walk into your home. You should also put some flowers on their bedside table so that they feel that their stay is welcome.

3. Create a Fresh Scent

Each flower has a unique aroma. For example, annuals smell like almonds; and depending on the variety, geraniums give off a scent that resembles apricots, apples, or mint. Create a signature scent by arranging different blooms in a vase or match the scent to the room. The plumeria’s scent intensifies at night, making it an ideal flower for bedrooms.

4. Enhance Seasonal Decor

Opt for oranges and yellows in the fall, and use bright reds and frosty greens in the winter. To get the most of the seasonal arrangements, place them in highly-visible areas; put them on the kitchen counter to enjoy them while baking festive treats or on the dinner table when the family gathers for a holiday feast.


If you’d like to add fresh flowers into the home, contact the team at Bella Rosa Corporation in Honolulu, HI. Since 1993, these reliable florists have provided Oahu homeowners with beautiful blooms at affordable prices. View a gallery of their arrangements online, or call (808) 951-0787 or (808) 848-7673 to request a custom order.

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