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3 Steps to Take Before Moving to a New House September 25, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Steps to Take Before Moving to a New House, Brooklyn, New York

Moving can be a chaotic process, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed as you pack and start taking care of last-minute tasks. It’s also easy to forget a few key steps, especially if you’re buying a home for the first time. From hiring a cleaning service to focusing on safety, below are a few tasks to take care of before moving into your home. 

How to Prepare for Moving to a New House

1. Replace or Rekey the Locks

When moving into a new place, it’s always wise to replace or rekey all the locks. It’s not known how many copies of your keys are floating around. For peace of mind—and heightened security—it’s best to call a locksmith to replace the locks if they’re weak and rusted. Opt to rekey them if they’re fairly new. A locksmith will replace the pins and springs with new ones, providing you with a new set of keys.

2. Hire a Cleaning Service

cleaning serviceWhen you move into a home, you may have several people frequently walking in and out. From cable installations to home inspections, people can carry dirt and mud into your space. To ensure your new home is clean before placing your furniture inside, hire a cleaning service. They will perform deep-cleanings, from washing the tub and scrubbing the bathroom, to mopping the floors and dusting ceiling fixtures. 

3. Update Your Address

Update your address at least three weeks in advance of your move. The first step is to visit the United States Postal Service Change of Address department and provide them with your new information. They’ll forward your mail to your new home. Then, update your address everywhere else, including utility companies and banks. 


Staying on top of everything during a move is no small task. That is why the team at Right Cleaning in Brooklyn, NY, is committed to helping you every step of the way. The company offers a wide range of cleaning services, including move-in cleaning and general maid services to ensure that your new home remains spotless for years to come. Schedule a cleaning service by calling (212) 655-7153.

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