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5 Tips to Help Your Teen Adjust to Moving September 10, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
5 Tips to Help Your Teen Adjust to Moving, Manhattan, New York

Moving to a new home is a significant adjustment. While people of all ages need time to grow accustomed to new surroundings, teenagers, in particular, may need extra help during the process. It can be challenging to leave a familiar place and settle somewhere new. As you start packing boxes and hiring professional movers, take the time to talk with your teen. Here are a few ideas to help them adjust to the move.

How to Help Your Teen Adjust to a Move

1. Let Them Know Promptly

Teenagers may feel more comfortable with the move if they have enough time to process it and discuss it with you. Give them any information you have, including the date, the location, and the reason for the move. Answer any questions they might have.

2. Explore the Location Together

It’s often fearing the unknown that makes moving a daunting idea for teenagers. Ease those concerns by taking them to the new city, if it’s within driving distance, or exploring it with them online. Ask them to research places like historical attractions or popular restaurants they might want to visit. Help them build their enthusiasm for the new location.

3. Encourage Communicationboxes

There’s a sense of finality involved in packing boxes and bidding farewell to an empty house. Remind your teen that this isn’t goodbye, especially if they’re particularly worried about leaving their friends behind. Encourage them to stay in touch with their friends, either via email, social media, or video chats.

4. Respect That it’s Hard

Just as you may feel stressed about the move, your teen is also likely feeling stressed. Making new friends, for example, can be a burden for young people. Respect that this is a difficult time and let them know you’re there to talk whenever they need an ear.

5. Give Them Responsibilities

Sometimes taking a more proactive role in the moving process helps young people feel more involved and excited about the changes ahead. You can have them label boxes, for example, or contact family and friends to share your new address.


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