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3 Methods for Focusing While Driving October 8, 2019

South Marketview Heights, Rochester
3 Methods for Focusing While Driving, Rochester, New York

There are plenty of reasons why your focus may become diverted on the road. You might be running late, or the baby is crying in the back seat. These situations could cause you to drive into a pothole, leaving you with a flat tire, and waiting for roadside assistance to arrive. Driving is a common daily task, but distractions can cause stress and increase the safety risk. Below are some rules to follow when driving to remain focused on the road. 

3 Ways to Remain Focused While Driving

1. Avoid Distractions Outside the Vehicle

Your eyes should remain vigilant on the road in front of you, except when checking your mirrors for other vehicles. If you slow down to see a motor vehicle accident or a vehicle getting towed by roadside assistance, your eyes will be off of the cars in front of you. The decreased speed also raises the risk of an accident from behind from other drivers.

2. Limit Passenger Distractions in the Car

roadside assistanceEmotional conversations with passengers, upset children, and barking dogs are more distracting than some people realize. Before driving, make sure pets, loose items, and children are secured. Ensure that children have all of the toys, drinks, or snacks available to them to decrease the risk of a distraction. 

3. Minimize Internal Distractions

Handheld electronic devices can be a helpful feature, but they cause distractions when driving. This can lead to an accident and the need for roadside assistance. If your vehicle offers voice-activated systems, then make sure that the connections through the wireless device are created before driving the car. Turn your phone on silent or connect it to the speaker in your car, and have your texts set to be read out over the car’s speaker instead of looking down to check. Set your temperature controls, mirrors, and seats before driving.


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