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The Do's & Don’ts of Caring for Swim Trunks September 18, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
The Do's & Don’ts of Caring for Swim Trunks , Jacksonville East, Florida

Men’s swim trunks typically contain less elastic than women’s bathing suits and may, therefore, hold up to laundering better. However, bathing suits, in general, require gentler care than traditional clothing. If you have a favorite pair of trunks you want to keep for as long as possible, find out how to care for them below.


Rinse thoroughly after use.

Chemicals like chlorine keep pools clean and free of harmful bacteria, but they can also fade the colors in swim trunks over time. While you don’t have to limit your time spent in the pool or hot tub, rinsing your bathing suit after can help eliminate trapped chemicals.

Wash by hand or the gentle cycle.

swim trunksWhen you’re ready to wash your trunks, check the label to find out whether it’s washer-safe. If it’s not, wash it in the sink and rinse it out thoroughly. Use warm instead of hot water to minimize fading, and choose a gentle detergent.


Put it in the dryer.

High temperatures can damage most swim apparel. Skip the dryer and hang your suit to dry in a well-ventilated area. 

Wear the same suit every day.

No swimsuit will last forever, but the more you rotate it with others, the longer it will last. Try not to wear the same suit two days in a row, as this will expose it to a greater amount of chlorine that can fade and stretch the material. If you have a favorite style, you can purchase a couple of pairs to alternate regularly.


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