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A Guide to Men's Wedding Band Metals September 17, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
A Guide to Men's Wedding Band Metals, Manhattan, New York

Designing men's wedding bands begins with choosing a metal. Jewelry manufacturers can utilize a variety of different materials in the process, but gold, platinum, and silver are among the most popular. Here's a closer look at the unique qualities and benefits of these metals. 

3 Metal Types for Men's Wedding Bands

1. Sterling Silver

Silver on its own is too soft for jewelry, so it's mixed with a stronger metal, like copper, during the silver casting process. The availability of the material makes it one of the most affordable precious metals on the market. It's also manufactured in a variety of finishes. Since sterling silver contains at least 92.5% pure silver, it's prone to tarnishing and scratches. However, those qualities are an ideal match for customers who enjoy the lived-in look of antique pieces. 

2. Gold

jewelry manufacturerRanging from 10 to 22 karat, gold wedding bands are a traditional choice with four metal variations available: yellow, white, rose, and green. For gold casting, jewelry manufacturers mix pure 24 karat (yellow) gold with other alloys like copper, nickel, silver, and zinc to create different colors. The mixing process also affects the durability of the metal as gold by itself is a soft metal, resulting in rose gold's copper blend being the strongest, followed by white gold.

One of the biggest perks of gold is that it can be personalized to each individual's needs. The soft metal is engravable and can be detailed with gemstones such as diamonds. While the metal isn't scratch- or dent-resistant, it holds up to regular wear and maintains its color well. For enhanced strength, choose a band with a lower karat count; these bands offer a higher mixture ratio of other, more durable alloys. 

3. Platinum

Platinum has become increasingly popular with both jewelry manufacturers and clients. The heavy-duty metal is hypoallergenic and incredibly strong. Unlike gold, platinum doesn't require many additives for improved durability, as it's naturally resistant to scratches, although not completely immune. It offers the same brilliant appearance of white gold, but accompanied by a much higher price point. 



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