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3 Items to Pack for Dog Boarding September 20, 2019

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3 Items to Pack for Dog Boarding, McKinney, Texas

No matter the destination, preparing for travel can always be a bit stressful. However, preparing your pup for dog boarding adds a layer of difficulty to an already chaotic time. Packing the right items for your furry friend will allow them to feel content in their temporary home. As you are packing for the pet hotel, don’t forget these items to make your pup feel as safe and comfortable as possible. 

Packing Checklist for the Pet Hotel 

1. Collar With ID Tags 

Identification tags for your pup include their name, your name, and your contact information. This information should be up-to-date. If international travel will prevent the phone number on the ID tag from working, leave additional emergency contact information for yourself or a local friend. 

2. Favorite Toys or Blanket 

Dog BoardingBeing away from home with all new dogs and people is stressful for many pups. Blankets that smell like home will comfort them, especially at night if they are used to sleeping with you. Durable chew toys will occupy them during the day and help keep their routine as normal as possible. 

3. Food & Snacks 

Some dog boarding facilities provide their own food, but changing food suddenly can upset a dog’s stomach. Packing your own food and treats will prevent any discomfort and remind your dog of home. If you can, send Fido with more food than necessary, in case your travel plans back home are interrupted. 


If you’re looking for a dog boarding facility that will treat your pet like family, Bark!... "the boutique hotel for dogs" is the place for you. Located in McKinney, TX, and serving the Dallas area, they go above and beyond with flat-screen TVs, nightly turn-down service, and group play. No matter how social—or timid—your pup is, this luxury hotel has a play group just for them. Learn more about their well-appointed boarding facility online, or call (972) 542-8377 to arrange boarding.

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