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3 Helpful Bird Feeding Tips September 24, 2019

Whiteville, Baxter
3 Helpful Bird Feeding Tips, Whiteville, Arkansas

Installing bird feeders on your property is an exciting opportunity to welcome and observe some beautiful and wild creatures. Taking a thoughtful approach, rather than just setting them up them on a whim, will help you attract more birds and allow you to enjoy these beautiful animals from the comfort of your home. Here’s a rundown of top things to keep in mind as you head to the feed store in preparation for setting up your feeders. 

Bird Feeding Best Practices

1. Use Different Heights

For the best chance of success, it’s wise to account for the arrival of more than just one kind of bird that you happen to know. Different birds tend to feel more comfortable around different heights, so you can attract more of them by setting up some feeders closer to the ground, some on furniture, and others a little higher by hanging them from a tree. For instance, sparrows prefer the ground while woodpeckers like to be higher up!

2. Choose a Variety of Feeds

feed storeYou should also try to vary the types of seed you purchase from the feed store. Buying only one variety will limit the birds you can attract, and the birds who do show up may not want it! Always buy black oil sunflower seeds, since they appeal to many species of birds, and then branch out into other types such as thistle seeds and mixes that include cracked corn. It’s always a good idea to talk over your vision with the feed store so they can guide you in purchasing the correct products.  

3. Be Careful With Storage

To save money and time, it’s a good idea to buy your seed in bulk from the feed store. Just be careful how you store it. You need to take care and seal it in a protected container like a metal garbage can with a heavy lid. The goal is to attract birds, not squirrels and rodents. It’s worth noting that the feed doesn’t stay fresh forever, so plan on visiting the feed store at least once per season to replenish your supply.


If you’re seeking out high-quality feed for birds, head right over to Gregg Farm Services in Gassville, AR. The local feed store offers six different types of bird seeds that can be purchased by the pound or in 50 lb bags. They also carry prepackaged seed by Wild Delight, ensuring you’ll have an attractive variety. Call them at (870) 481-5165. Learn more about the store by visiting their website

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