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What You Need to Know About Trees & Power Lines  September 20, 2019

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What You Need to Know About Trees & Power Lines , Florence, Kentucky

Trees are a gorgeous and practical addition to any yard or landscaping. They bring beauty, shade, wildlife, fruit, and flowers. However, proper tree maintenance is necessary to keep them healthy and away from power lines. Here’s what you need to know about trees and sources of electricity on your property.

Tree Maintenance and Power Lines

Government Regulations 

The utility company in your area is mandated by local, state, and federal guidelines to keep a certain distance between trees and power lines. Federal regulations stipulate that any power lines that are part of the national grid have 100 feet of clearance around them that are free from trees.

In maintained areas, like yards and parks, and for local distribution power lines, the local utility company will work with homeowners and businesses to determine what trees and plants are acceptable. In the state of Kentucky, no tree that grows higher than 15 feet at maturity is allowed near any power line.

When Trees Contact Power Lines

tree-maintenanceWhen a tree or tree limbs fall into a power line, they can bring the line down and create a break or disruption of power to the grid. The tree may also conduct the electrical energy from the line, so do not climb a tree that has fallen into a power line or attempt to move a downed branch or tree. Stay away from any hanging, downed, or loose power lines, as they may still be energized. Electrocution can cause severe injury or death, so if you see a tree interfering with a line, call your power company immediately.

Who Is Responsible for Trimming Trees?

Homeowners should contact their utility company to learn exactly what regulations apply in their area. Generally, the power company will determine whether vegetation growing near lines needs to be trimmed or cut. They will notify the landowner and take responsibility for the tree maintenance and debris clean up. Most private property deeds will contain information about the right-of-way or easement for utility companies to perform or install services. Homeowners can opt to perform tree maintenance and pruning themselves, or hire a professional tree service to comply with state/local regulations. However, the utility company still has the right to trim trees further or even remove a tree if need be.


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