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3 Tips for Selecting a New Bathtub Color September 6, 2019

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3 Tips for Selecting a New Bathtub Color, Clinton, Connecticut

Your bathtub affects the tone and character of your bathroom. If it’s time to refinish yours, choosing a new color for the glaze will make it look like new. There are a few ways you can choose a shade that will complement the space. To help you select one, here are a few strategies for picking a color that works best with your surroundings.

How to Choose a New Color for a Bathtub

1. Consider Your Goal

What do you want to achieve when you refinish your tub? If your goal is to create space that feels peaceful and serene, opt for a color that reflects that. Shades like sky blue, mint green, pink, and lilac will make your bathroom soothing and inviting. If you want to make a bold statement, consider a darker shade like red, which will transform your bathtub into a centerpiece. 

2. Think About Sizing

bathtubEven if your bathroom is compact, you can still make it look more spacious. Choosing the right colors for larger elements like sinks and bathtubs is key to creating a room that feels more open. Light colors reflect natural and artificial light, so a shade such as white, ivory, or bone will add brightness and depth to your small bathroom. You can also add a light fixture over or beside the tub for the same effect.

3. Create Contrast

You aren’t limited to standard colors. Glazes come in almost unlimited shades, so you have the opportunity to pick a unique hue that will create contrast in the room. For inspiration, take a look around the bathroom and identify one dominant shade. If you have dark cabinets, for example, keeping your bathtub lighter will help it stand out and break up the colors.

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