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How Secure Is SD-WAN? September 18, 2019

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How Secure Is SD-WAN?, Concord, Ohio

Software-defined networking in a wide area network, or SD-WAN, is a way to simplify and manage a system by separating the hardware from its control mechanism. It allows companies to connect users to applications for better performance and security. But how secure is an SD-WAN concerning your essential cloud services? Before you choose your type of network and protection, you should be aware of the basics surrounding SD-WAN, and it’s safety.

Security for SD-WAN

The Basics

Cloud services are increasing in popularity, but some companies are wary of making the switch due to their fear of network breaches. Many businesses have chosen to boost their MPLS systems with SD-WAN because, without them, they are no longer efficient in their connectivity. SD-WAN systems offer greater agility throughout your network, but the idea that data is on a more public platform may lead to owners being apprehensive in using them. The fear of being exposed to hackers, viruses, and malware is a real concern.

Fortunately, there are ways to achieve the benefits of SD-WAN without worrying about your data’s safety. The first step is to have a qualified IT company come in to assess your needs and your cloud services, so they can put security measures in place to give you peace of mind. The way your SD-WAN is deployed will make the difference in its security.

Security Improvements

cloud services Cleveland, OHThe best way to ensure security is to include encryption programs and firewalls. There should also be a constant support system in place for all main routing protocols running along with your network. Encryptions are necessary for protecting data as it moves through your network, but there may still be a certain level of vulnerability, especially when it comes to malware and hackers.

Some integrations will help keep networks secure, but many require additional infrastructure and management tools. Companies who use SD-WAN together with IPsec (internet protocol security) are generally much safer, especially if everything is automated through an IT provider.  These professionals can also identify any weak areas where a breach may occur, and they may recommend additional firewalls to lower any risks.


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