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3 Tips for Helping an Anxious Dog Socialize September 17, 2019

Moanalua, Honolulu
3 Tips for Helping an Anxious Dog Socialize, Honolulu, Hawaii

Anxiety in dogs can take a lot of different forms. Where some dogs will act timid and afraid, others will display aggression. Attentive pet care involves not only handling your dog’s physical needs but also their emotional ones, so address this behavior as soon as you notice it. If your dog doesn’t do well in social situations, try these tips to help them.

How to Socialize Your Anxious Dog

1. Take Daily Walks

Walking your dog is a basic pet care task, but if they’re anxious, what’s supposed to be an enjoyable break may be stressful for them. However, you still need to get them out of the house. Daily exposure will help them process and acclimate to unfamiliar stimuli. If your dog tends to get aggressive, steer clear of places where interaction is inevitable, like crowded parks. Also, adopt a confident attitude when walking your dog since they’ll pick up emotional cues from you. 

2. Promote Positive Interactions 

Pet CareExposure to other dogs and people is necessary for socialization, but you need to go about it carefully. When introducing your pet to a new dog, keep a safe distance between the two of them. Offer your pet treats while they’re looking at the other dog to promote a positive association with seeing others.

If your dog is fearful rather than aggressive, doggy daycare will encourage social interaction in a safe, controlled environment. Just let the pet care professionals know your dog is anxious. They can slowly introduce your dog to others individually or in small groups.

3. Be Patient

If your dog’s anxiety stems from ingrained fears from traumatic experiences, they’ll need time to feel safe. Give your dog a break when they get stressed. Give yourself breaks if you begin to feel stressed too. While consistency is a cornerstone of socialization, sometimes it’s better to hang up the leash and spend some quality time at home to refresh your dog’s attitude.


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