Upper West Side, New York

We Mere Mortals at the U.S.Open August 30, 2019

Upper West Side, Manhattan
We Mere Mortals at the U.S.Open, Manhattan, New York

The U.S. Open is in full swing and people of all ages and nationalities attend.  Players fight tooth and nail to win and the number competing dwindles with each passing and momentous match.  But, the audience keeps coming in droves to watch and wonder at the speed, agility, strategy, and endurance of the athletes.  Each player is great, whether they win or lose.  The stadiums eventually are packed and tickets hard to come by.


We mere mortals can be great in our own way.  But, sometimes, just like the athletes, it can be much easier with a coach.  Think about whether having a coach by your side makes sense for you - - whether it be a life coach, an executive coach, a career coach or a fitness coach.  We can all be great but it takes effort, focus, and perseverance, qualities we don’t always have in sufficient abundance.


Thinking of making a midlife career change? Margaret M. Enloe, Esq. can help. For more than 30 years, this career coach and motivational speaker based in New York, NY, has been helping professionals assess their skills and find the jobs of their dreams. Visit her website to learn more about her impressive qualifications, and email her at ME@MargaretEnloe.com to discuss your thoughts about a career change today.

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