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The Grande Facade Hair Stylists Share Hair Color Dos & Don'ts September 17, 2015

Irondequoit, Monroe
The Grande Facade Hair Stylists Share Hair Color Dos & Don'ts , Irondequoit, New York

Hair can be endlessly fun to experiment with. Platinum blonde, jet-black, bubble-gum pink, teal blue, flaming red—the possibilities of hair color artistry are vast. However, if you don't color safely, you run the risk of frying your hair, and that's exactly what the team at The Grande Facade doesn't want you to do. Instead, they want you to let them make sure you walk out of their salon with the hair of your dreams. From long- or short-haired wigs to hair extensions and just about any other style you can think of, the Grand Facade family can make anyone's idea of hair-perfection a reality.

What are some major hair coloring dos and don'ts? First, take the time to choose the right color. Almost all of us have felt tempted to dye our hair a vivid new hue on impulse, but what sounds great on the spur of the moment isn't necessarily going to sound (or look) great several months later. Remember that hair color can take a long time to fade and grow out, so take a couple days and consider your decision carefully. And if you do choose to dye it, it's best to leave it up to the salon. 

Also make sure not to dye your hair too often. Repeated color applications can turn your hair from gold to straw over time—especially if you like to administer to your locks yourself. And if you make a major dye-mistake, don't ever try to correct it or bleach over it yourself. Always go to a professional, and always use top-of-the-line shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for hair that's been chemically treated.

Most importantly, steer clear of the DIY-approach. Going to a salon will guarantee a beautiful head of hair that looks exactly like you want it to look. In Rochester, The Grande Facade is the undisputed gold standard of salons. So the next time you want a new hairstyle, contact the team at (585) 288-6636 and walk away with the kind of crowning glory that will make you feel like a queen for months to come!