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After years of catching up, the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that in July 2019 for the first time there were more college educated women in the work force than men.  Since the 1980’s women have represented the majority of college students, but it is just now that they have passed men to represent the majority of the college educated work force.  This was accomplished despite the fact that a substantial number of women still drop out of the work force to raise children, either temporarily or permanently. 

So what does this mean for small business owners?  Well for one thing, with more working mothers in the work force, employers will need to adopt more accommodative work practices, such as flexible work hours, the ability to work from home and time off to care for children.  Also, the responsibility of caring for children will be increasingly split more with the fathers.  This means new employee policies that provide these accommodations will be requested by both men and women.  Implementing these policies will be critical to hiring and retaining top talent, both female and male.  Also, eliminating old stereotypes of women being the primary care givers will be necessary as more men will be assuming that role in the future.  Recently there have been several high profile lawsuits lost by major corporations who refused to allow men time off under their company policies because it was assumed that the men were not the primary care givers.

Total Team Solutions is there to help with this and many other employee issues related to payroll processing, employee benefit plans, policy development, regulatory compliance personnel matters.  We can not only draft human resource policies such as this, but we can also assist in their implementation.  For more information on how Total Team Solutions can help your business save time and money, check out our website at or contact John Morlock at or call him at 800-836-9678.

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