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A Guide to Tires for Your Vehicle September 18, 2019

Washington, Franklin
A Guide to Tires for Your Vehicle, Washington, Missouri

Your tires affect your car’s safety, handling, and efficiency. All drivers should know how to put the correct tires on their vehicle and how to take care of them. Follow the towing and vehicle maintenance guide below for proper tire care.

Types of Tires

Those who live in extreme climates and require excellent handling should alternate between summer and winter tires. Summer tires are optimized for warm weather, providing grip in both wet and dry conditions. They have solid tread patches for road contact and circumferential grooves to resist hydroplaning. Use winter tires when you drive in harsh conditions below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. These have heavy siping and deep grooves to expel snow and slush from the tread. They may have metal studs, which increase traction on icy roads. All-season tires, on the other hand, are designed for year-round use. They work well for people in mild climates who won’t be towing anything. They have a symmetrical tread pattern and circumferential grooves to grip in wet weather.

How to Manage Tread Depth

towingTread depth describes the distance between the top of the tire’s rubber to the bottom of its deepest grooves. As you drive, the rubber wears down and reduces your tread depth, giving your tires less traction on the road. New tires usually have a tread depth of 10/32 of an inch or 12/32 of an inch. Once your tread reaches 2/32 of an inch, it is no longer safe to drive. Measure depth with the penny test. Place a penny upside-down inside the groove; if it doesn’t reach the top of Lincoln’s head, you need new tires. Otherwise, you may lose traction and have to call for towing.

How to Rotate Tires

Rotate tires every 5,000 miles. This involves moving the tires to a different position on the vehicle, such as to the other axle or on the other side of the car. Every position in the car carries the weight differently, so trading the tires around maximizes tread life by spreading the wear evenly across all four.


If you experience a tire problem, such as a blown tire or skidding out, Patriot Towing is available around the clock to assist you in Washington, MO, and across Franklin County. This family-owned and -operated towing company is equipped to pull cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you need roadside assistance, they’ll get you on your way again as soon as possible. Learn more online, and call (636) 392-5070 to request service.

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