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3 Ways to Childproof Your Deck October 11, 2019

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3 Ways to Childproof Your Deck, Ozark, Alabama

When it comes to home improvement, adding an outdoor deck is one of the best investments that you can make for your family. From summer barbecues to winter stargazing, a deck allows you to enjoy a number of outdoor activities that bring you closer to nature and your loved ones. However, it’s important to make sure your deck is safe, especially for your children. Whether you already have a deck or are looking to add one, below are three ways to improve the safety of your deck. 

3 Ways to Make Your Deck Safer for Your Kids

1. Block Access to the Deck

The most important way to keep your children safe on your deck is never to leave them there unattended. This is why it’s essential to prevent kids from wandering onto the deck by themselves. Remember to lock the door leading out to the deck, and put the lock up high so your young children can’t reach it. You should also prevent access to the deck’s stairs by installing safety gates.  

2. Avoid Wide-Spaced Rails

Children can fall through or become trapped in wide-spaced rails. To prevent this, be sure your deck’s rails are placed no more than four inches apart. You can correct wide-spaced rails on your current deck by installing more rails, adding netting, or including durable plastic shields next to the rails. Note that rails with extremely wide spaces may necessitate a home improvement specialist to perform carpentry work. 

3. Check the Safety of Accessories

home improvementAlong with making sure your new home improvement is safe, you need to understand the hazards of any objects you place on the deck. For instance, if you have a grill on the deck, place it somewhere with low traffic, and always supervise the grill when it’s hot. Moreover, be sure to monitor any fountains or water features to prevent drowning. You should also choose only non-toxic plants, and use childproof covers on all electrical outlets.  


If you’re looking to add a family deck or need your current deck renovated, turn to the home improvement experts at Decks Unlimited in Ozark, AL. For over 16 years, this family-owned business has demonstrated the care and precision necessary to build quality and safe decks. After your deck is completed, you’ll continue to receive top-notch service, as they offer a lifetime warranty on all projects. To see photos of their work, which includes other renovations like awnings and patio enclosures, check out their website. Call (334) 232-1020 for a free quote today.

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