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5 Ways to Write an Epitaph September 16, 2019

Le Roy, Genesee
5 Ways to Write an Epitaph, Le Roy, New York

An epitaph is an inscription written on a headstone, tomb, or memorial marker that serves as a reminder and brings honor to the deceased. It may seem difficult to capture elements of your loved one in such a small space. However, these tips can help you write an honoring, beautiful epitaph.

Tips on How to Write a Memorable Epitaph

1. Give Yourself Time

Take time to brainstorm ideas and get feedback from close friends and family. When you do come up with an idea, think on it for a while. Grieving is difficult and adding the pressure of a deadline can make this time much more stressful.

2. Keep it Short & Sweet

Epitaphs serve as a short, sweet reminder of your loved one. You only have about one or two lines when writing an epitaph for a headstone, so keep it concise. It may seem difficult to sum your loved one’s life in a few short words, but it can add emotion to the marker.

3. Add the Basicsheadstone

Remember to include your loved one’s name, a reference to their age (birthdate, death date), and a reference to their relationships (wife, daughter, son, husband, etc.) to the epitaph. This will be enough basic information about your loved one.

4. Think About Their Beliefs, Values, and Legacy

Craft your epitaph based around your loved one’s life. Consider their faith and what they stood for. You could consider adding a song lyric, Bible verse, or quote from a novel that reflects these elements.

5. Consider Visitors

What would a person who is visiting the headstone think of the inscription? Would they have a big-picture understanding of your loved one? If your epitaph conveys their basic information and some concise notes relating to the life they lived, a visitor has a better chance of understanding the deceased’s life.


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