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3 Reasons to Travel in Your Retirement  September 5, 2019

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3 Reasons to Travel in Your Retirement , Taunton, Massachusetts

If you’re in your retirement, you may have many free hours and days ahead of you. While relaxing around the house and enjoying hobbies is fun, traveling may help you feel even more fulfilled. Even a short trip, like a sightseeing bus tour, will help you explore the world around you and improve your mental wellness. If you’re still on the fence about embarking on a journey, here are a few reasons not to hesitate. 

Why You Should Travel If You're Retired

1. Celebrate Your Freedom

You've worked hard, and now it's time to enjoy yourself. Without the restraints of a work schedule holding you back, you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. You no longer have to plan months or even years in advance to take a trip. Simply decide where you want to go and book a bus tour to that destination. Plus, with so much time on your hands, you finally have the opportunity to check places off your travel bucket list. 

2. Enjoy a Mental Boost

bus tourThe drastic change in your day-to-day schedule following retirement can come as a shock to the system. Studies show that former workers risk a 40% increase in clinical depression after retirement. Fortunately, traveling will counteract negative reactions to a lack of routine by boosting your mood. Science even shows that traveling improves cognitive flexibility, making you more creative. In fact, many famous authors like Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain were avid travelers. 

3. Find a Sense of Self

Not only does a career produce a sense of pride, but work often becomes a defining aspect of a person’s personality. When that part of your life has ended, you may find it challenging to hold onto your identity. Whether you're joining a group trip or sightseeing bus tour, the experiences you’ll get will allow you to reconnect with yourself and redefine your sense of purpose. You’ll also create stronger bonds with your companion or make new friends on the road.

Make the most of your retirement with Bloom Tour and Charter Services in Bristol County, MA. For over 70 years, this family-owned company has met the transportation needs of residents and organizations across New England. From group tours to sightseeing excursions, they provide many options to let you explore beautiful locations. Learn more about their bus tours online, or book your adventure today by calling (800) 323-3009.

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