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7 Things to Keep in Mind While Making Home Additions September 17, 2015

Lakeville, Dakota
7 Things to Keep in Mind While Making Home Additions, Lakeville, Minnesota

Remodeling projects can be fun and exciting! Create a whole new space where you and your family can gather to play games, watch football and spend time together. Yet, as any remodel contractor will tell you, things can go downhill very quickly if homeowners don’t plan correctly.

South Metro Custom Remodeling Inc., a highly recommended remodeling company in Lakeville, MN, has worked on a wide variety of projects, from full-house renovations to one-room updates and basement renovations. They have the skill and expertise to make your home vision a reality at a competitive rate. 

When you start thinking about your home renovation projects, South Metro Custom Remodeling Inc. urges you to consider the following:

  • Legal Documents: Ensure your addition doesn’t cross over any property lines. Please note property boundaries might be difficult to distinguish, especially for older properties, and that fences might not necessarily delineate the divide.
  • Realistic Budget: Reduce stress by setting a budget that you can handle. Include hard cost of project, property tax increases, utility expenses and insurance. It's also a good idea to provide yourself with a buffer, just in case. At South Metro Custom Remodeling Inc., they'll work hard to meet your budget and provide affordable payment plans.
  • Need vs. Want: Keep a few fun things on the list, like a custom-built deck, but prioritize the necessities first.
  • Hire A Professional: A designer has the insight you need to create a look that you'll appreciate for years to come. South Metro Custom Remodeling Inc. has worked on many other homes across Minnesota and will lend their expertise to help you design your new addition.
  • Keep Neighbors In The Loop: Give them the heads up and find out if they have any issues with the project, like if your plans violate any homeowner association codes. 
  • Research Builders: Recommendations and references are key to finding the right builder for you. To learn what other people have said about South Metro Custom Remodeling Inc., look at their testimonials page.
  • Don’t DIY: Many remodeling projects are labor-intensive and require highly-developed skills in order to complete the task well. At South Metro Custom Remodeling Inc., their contractors have spent years in training and have the necessary knowledge to make your home addition the best that it can be. If a bank is funding your remodeling project, they might also require a licensed contractor to be on site.

For a reliable and affordable home remodeling company, talk with a professional from South Metro Custom Remodeling Inc.. Call them at (612) 916-6916 or visit them online to learn more about their services and view a gallery of their work. 

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