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3 Tips to Protect Pets During Home Improvement September 5, 2019

Red Wing, Goodhue
3 Tips to Protect Pets During Home Improvement, Red Wing, Minnesota

Your furry friends are as interested as you are in your home improvement project, and they will want to explore. Areas under construction aren’t safe for them, and you also don’t want them to bother the contractors. Make a few adjustments, so you’re confident your animals are safe, and your project is on schedule.

Ways to Protect Your Pets While You Remodel

1. Close Off the Work Area

home improvementThe best way to protect your pet is to close off the workspace. If it’s in a common area, use a dog gate between rooms. If the contractors are only working a portion of the day, you can also isolate your pet in a different part of your home. Make sure family members are aware so they don’t accidentally let your pet into the construction area.

2. Be Mindful of Doors & Windows

Curious pets may wander outdoors during the home improvement project, so keep your exits closed. Never underestimate your pets; cats and dogs can hop out a window to chase a squirrel or rodent. If possible, have contractors enter and exit through a door furthest away from where you will keep your pet.

3. Move Pets Outside or Board Them

Some dust, debris, and other materials will inevitably get kicked out of the construction area and cause respiratory irritation. Your pet may sniff and ingest volatile organic compounds, which are common in paint and plastic. These chemicals may cause cancer. Move your pets outside when the contractor cleans. If either the mess or cleaning is extensive, plan to board your pet for a few days.



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