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An Introduction to Coking Coal September 26, 2019

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An Introduction to Coking Coal, 4, Tennessee

The production of steel cannot move forward without one essential ingredient. This integral material is coking coal. Also known as metallurgical coal, coking coal provides steel manufacturers with their main carbon source. It is one of the numerous coal types transferred by trucking companies specializing in hauling services. Below, find a brief introduction to coking coal and its applications.

What Is the Caking Ability of Metallurgical Coal?

While thermal coal is an energy source used to heat buildings and power electricity-generating wind turbines, coking coal is used for steel production only. In addition to its carbon properties, coking coal is used in steel manufacturing because of its caking power, or ability to transform into coke during production in coke battery facilities. After the coking coal is dropped off by the hauling company, it is heated in oxygen-free ovens at about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which causes it to melt and create off-gas pollutants such as sulfur and nitrogen.

The melted coking coal creates a crystalline, porous, hard, and black rock that is used in blast furnaces for steel manufacturing. When the hard rock gets mixed with hot air in this special furnace, it burns and releases more impurities to eliminate most of the carbon. The heat and oxidation create hot metal.

How Is It Used in Steel Manufacturing?

haulingDifferent elements such as limestone and chromium are added to the hot metal to create various types of steel for use in many industries, including construction, transportation, appliances and machinery, energy, aircraft, automotive, and packaging sectors. Steel’s versatility and durability make it a popular hauling product. For example, low-carbon, cold-rolled steel with tin plating works in packaging production because it won’t corrode and lasts for decades. The metal is also infinitely recyclable. 

Coking coal is among the materials sold through Clinch Mountain Transport Inc., a reliable hauling service in Thorn Hill, TN. With over 25 years of experience, this fully-licensed, bonded, and insured company transports materials and supplies throughout the eastern section of the state while maintaining flexibility and dependability. Call (865) 767-3610 today to schedule services or visit the company online for more product and service information. Follow them on Facebook for more tips. 

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