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Tips From PRR Time Studio: Choosing The Right Music Recording Studio September 9, 2015

Elmont, Hempstead
Tips From PRR Time Studio: Choosing The Right Music Recording Studio, Hempstead, New York

You’ve been honing your craft as a singer and now, you’re ready to lay down a demo to get your name out there to different record labels. Give your career the boost it needs by choosing the right recording studio. The team at PRR Time Studio in Elmont, NY are the professionals you need when it comes to professional recording and mixing services.

Here are few tips to keep in mind before selecting a recording studio:

  • Choose experience: Seek out those who are immersed in all facets of music production, from engineering to music video production. PRR Time Studio has an experienced team of professionals including Pluto Rock Rol, the chief engineer and producer. This audio production company will also give you access to composers, songwriters, managers, producers, and photographers.
  • Check out room dimensions: Steer clear of small rooms with parallel walls, because they can affect the boom at certain frequencies and produce excess reverb and harsh early reflections. Instead, turn to PRR Time Studio, which features rooms designed to produce real reverb and wall treatments to absorb wall reflections, which ultimately affects your recording.
  • Insist on proper equipment: The best sound recordings come from having quality equipment and professionals who know how to use them. With cheap equipment, you can expect a lack of depth and harsh or cold sounds. PRR Time Studio only works with the best microphones, analog and digital converters, and mic preamps to ensure your recording is smooth and appealing.
  • Shop for the best rates: Recording occurs in several stages, and you want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Ask about rates up front, including the costs for editing, recording live instruments, vocals, and what equipment will be used. When you partner with PRR Time Studio, there are no hidden charges or surprise rates. In fact, you can view their booking costs and services right on the company’s website.

You take your vocal and musical gifts seriously. Working with a professional music recording studio that is just as dedicated to your mission is one way to make a good impression within the music industry. To learn more about mix tape recording, music mixing service and a wide range of other music production offerings from PRR Time Studio, call the experts at (516) 699-2375 or visit the website to get the details.

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