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4 Signs Your Pet Might Need Emergency Veterinarian Care September 6, 2019

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4 Signs Your Pet Might Need Emergency Veterinarian Care, Avon, New York

As a pet owner, it’s crucial to recognize the signs that your pet may be having serious health problems. Sometimes these signs can be difficult to spot or they may not seem serious enough for a veterinarian visit. If your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms below, take them to the doctor immediately.

When to Take Your Pet to the Veterinarian

1. Excessive Vomiting or Diarrhea

emergency vetWhile a mild upset stomach is normal, monitor your pet closely in case it gets worse or lasts a long time. If your dog or cat has been experiencing vomiting or diarrhea longer than 4 hours, your pet is at risk for dehydration. These symptoms could signal that your pet ate something poisonous or has a bowel obstruction.

2. Difficulty Urinating

Difficulty urinating can signal serious health issues in dogs and cats. Possible causes include a urinary tract infection or a blockage of the urinary tract. If left untreated, your pet could develop blood poisoning, a kidney infection or failure, or kidney stones. Seek emergency veterinarian care as soon as possible if your dog or cat can’t urinate.

3. Trouble Breathing

Watch for rapid and short breathing, which indicates larger issues, including bronchitis, dehydration, and heart disease. Take your pet to the nearest animal clinic immediately for serious respiratory issues.

4. Disorientation or Confusion

Several different serious health issues can cause disorientation and confusion in pets, including stroke, dehydration, and high blood pressure. If your dog won’t follow you when you call them or if your cat won’t head to their food bowl as they usually would, schedule an appointment with their veterinarian. 



If your pet is acting irrationally and you suspect they’re in pain, the team at Avon Animal Hospital in Livingston County, NY, will effectively diagnose and treat your pet. The clinic’s lead veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Marvin, and her staff will perform emergency surgery to routine checkups to restore your pet’s health. Call (585) 226-6144 to schedule an appointment for your furry friend and visit their website to browse their services.

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