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Are Sewage Backups Dangerous? September 24, 2019

Preston, New London
Are Sewage Backups Dangerous?, Preston, Connecticut

While homeowners naturally wish to avoid sewage backups at all costs, but backups are a common problem and cause extensive damage. There are things you can do to make sure you don’t experience sewage backups in your home, including regular septic maintenance and paying attention to what you flush. Learn more about sewage backups and the risks they present below.

What Causes Sewage Backups?

There are several causes of sewage backups, and many of them are preventable. A common cause is flushing inappropriate objects down the toilet. To be safe, avoid flushing anything except for toilet paper. Structural damage is another cause of sewage backups, especially if your pipes are blocked, damaged, or leaking. Septic maintenance and plumbing checks help to avoid this problem.

septic maintenanceUncontrollable environmental factors can also cause sewage backups. These include flooding, root infiltration, and wet weather. Improperly planned sewage lines beyond your property can also be a cause. 

What Risks Do Backups Pose?

Fire Risk

Sewage backups can cause a fire if water enters a part of your home with electronics or devices that use gas. If this happens, you should leave your home immediately and alert the authorities. 

Health Hazard

Health problems are a major risk posed by sewage backups. Sewage contains many contaminants that cause disease, including bacteria such as E. coli, hepatitis, and salmonella. Toxic substances like pesticides and fungi may also be found in sewage.

Home Damage 

Any kind of water damage has a significant impact on the home, and contaminated water is especially harmful. Walls, floors, and insulation can be affected. If not dealt with, this issue can lead to mold. It can be expensive to clean multiple personal possessions, and items that come into contact with sewage may have to be thrown away.



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