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How to Deal With Paper Jams in the Office September 18, 2019

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How to Deal With Paper Jams in the Office, Jessup, Maryland

There are fewer office inconveniences more aggravating than a jammed printer. While this issue can be solved by taking the proper steps, you can also prevent it from occurring in the first place. Learn how jams affect your multi-function printer and how to stop them from happening. 

Causes of Paper Jams

The top culprit behind paper jams is improperly loaded paper. Paper that is abnormally folded, stuck together, or otherwise askew can easily jam the machine at some point. The quality of the paper your offices uses also plays a role, as low-quality paper can leave behind dust that accumulates in the machine. Damage to printer components, such as rollers or cartridges, may also be to blame.

How to Unjam Your Multi-Function Printer

multi-function printerTo unjam your printer, first power down the printer and unplug it from the socket for safety purposes. Next, open the panel of the printer to access inner components. Let the printer cool down before you start removing the stuck paper. Look for obvious jams and pull them out slow in the intended path to prevent more damage from occurring. You can also move rollers to push paper along until it’s easily expelled. When you power up the machine again, remaining jams should be indicated. At this point, power down the machine and try again. 

However, if the jam was caused by damage to a printer component, have a professional repair the device.

How to Stop Jams From Occurring 

If paper jams often originate from the tray, try filling it to a lesser capacity. You can also upgrade the type of paper you use. In fact, most multi-function printers specify the type of paper you should be using. Performing regular maintenance, such as running cleaning cycles as recommended, can also prevent issues. 



Frequent jams in your multi-function printer could point to a more serious issue. In this case, it’s time to schedule printer service with the professionals at Laser Line. Located in Jessup, MD, these printer professionals offer both service and supplies to local businesses. If your office is need of a new machine, they can also help you pick the perfect machine for your needs. Take advantage of more than three decades of experience by calling (410) 636-1700 today. You can also learn more about service and maintenance by visiting the website

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