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Common Questions About Vinyl Record Care September 4, 2019

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Common Questions About Vinyl Record Care, Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Despite the prevalence of new musical technology, vinyl records are still wildly popular. For many people, listening to a song digitally doesn’t have the same impact as placing vintage vinyl records on the turntable and experiencing the music in a warmer, more tangible way. Since it’s an older technology, however, there are many questions people have when they walk into a record shop. If you’re getting into the joy of record collecting, use this guide to help clear up any confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions About LPs

Is dust bad for vinyl records?

Excessive dust lingering on the record causes a variety of problems. It’s the main culprit behind the pops and crackles typically associated with collectible records and also leads to the needle jumping and unnecessary wear and tear.

How should you clean your records?

No matter how well you take care of your record collection, at some point they’re going to need to be cleaned in order to keep them in working condition. Many professional record shops offer expert cleaning services that use specialized cleaning solutions and ultrasonic sound waves to clean without damaging the records. This can also be done at home using a specialized cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

How should you handle records?

Vinyl RecordsIn order to avoid damaging, special precautions should be taken anytime you are handling the collection. Don’t touch the playing surface, and only use two fingers on the underside center label with your thumb on the outer edge when moving them. When you’re placing the record on the turntable, use two hands, holding it by the outer edges. Before long, this will be second nature. 

Do my vinyl records need special storage?

If you want your collectible records to last for years to come, you need to follow basic storage principles. Always have them stored vertically to avoid warping issues, keep them in their sleeve when possible to protect from dust, and keep them at a consistent temperature.


If you’re looking for vinyl records to add to your collection, contact the experts at Alison’s Record Shop in Nashville, TN. They’re the area’s premier destination to buy and sell records, and their dedicated team takes pride in curating a fantastic collection of classic LP records for you to browse. They’ll help you find the perfect addition to your collection and work with you to ensure they’re properly maintained. Ask about their inventory by calling (615) 356-0180 or visit them online for more answers.
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