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Best Practices When Using Banners to Advertise November 8, 2019

Palolo, Honolulu
Best Practices When Using Banners to Advertise, Honolulu, Hawaii

Small businesses often have limited advertising budgets. To make the most of the resources they have, they must focus on eye-catching tactics with the biggest return on investment. Banners are a good option in this case because they’re both affordable and versatile. 

Why You Should Use Banners to Advertise

If you have a shop in a highly congested area, it can be difficult to stand out from other businesses. A brightly colored sign outside of your store will catch the eye of potential customers on foot and in vehicles at intersections.

Considering their massive reach, banners are relatively cost-effective. Even if you have a limited advertising budget, you’ll still be able to design a quality sign. Plus, if you make one for recurring events like holiday sales, you can reuse it for maximum effect.

Where to Place a Banner for Best Results

bannerA large sign placed outside will spotlight your business. However, that’s not your only option. You can also erect a flex sign outside your store, which calls attention by flapping along with the wind. Boulevard signs posted on light and traffic poles sit high above the eye line, making them conspicuous on streets with a lot of foot traffic. Mini-banners promoting new products or sales will attract attention on counters while customers are waiting to check out.


If you need a banner to advertise your business, the design professionals at Professional Image will produce quality outdoor signage for you that will last for years. The Honolulu print shop has provided high-quality service to local customers for more than four decades. They also offer accessories like retractable stands, which are easy to set up and take down at your convenience. Stop by or call (808) 721-2611 today to request a quote. You can also find out more about their products on their website.

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